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A Role-model revealed..

Updated: Apr 7, 2020

Johannesburg, SOUTH AFRICA, March 22, 2020 - enVogue Image

It is always great to get to know each other better, for it is in connecting with each other that we can unlock value and contribute to greater society. Today we introduce you to a role model.

Meet "Kassandra Maria Esteves"

This beautiful woman is a self-driven, resilient, passionate and ambitious career women. She displays these values by achieving the prestigious title of Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) for a social media company in addition to being a thriving photographic model. Her background studies have been around Human and Social Services with a major in applied Psychology. She is a Johannesburg based socialite who can be seen making her public appearances where it matters most...

What really matters to her?

There is no reluctance when you ask Kassandra this question, in fact it raises a sparkle in her eyes when she talks about this... Can you see that sparkle?

She is unequivocally passionate about caring for people through education & our environment. This is is such a touching topic in our country and we see such hope in role models like Kassandra who are relentlessly hustling for the results to these causes.

She is a true catalyst to make a difference in our world through her role as the reigning 1st Princess for Miss Hellene 2018-2020 which is a part of a non-profit organisation called NAHYSOSA. The organisation raises money for students in the Greek and Cypriot communities of South

Africa to attend tertiary education amongst many other wider community initiatives. Kassandra has been prominent in adding value or making a difference to our wider community through this role and with the support of her friends and family around her.

Tell us something about your past that has shaped who you are?

The story about the jar of Nutella..

Kassandra never travels with out a jar of Nutella so Brandon her charming loving boyfriend is always well equipped.

Is there anything you would like to ask Kassandra? Comment below...


Connect with Kassandra

Instagram Profile here

Facebook Profile here

Twitter Profile here


About "enVogue Image":

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