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How long do we need to shoot for?

Two outfits can generally be shot in 1 hour of shooting time which is why we recommend a 90min shoot to cover atleast 3 outfits.

What is included in the Price?

The service you pay for includes:

1. Shooting time with Photographer

2. Shortlisted watermarked Images which you would use to shortlist further 

3. The final Retouched edited high resolution images sent to you digitally

The service does not include

  • outfits, props, venue permission, venue, transport.
  • any editing to distort the reality of the image 

  • extras which include changing the background colour, hair colour, etc

Who owns the image?

The image is owned by the client only once all payment is 100% completed and cleared. The copyright to the image is owned by the Photographer.

We encourage mutual permission for social media sharing and also credit by means of a comment and/tagging to the service providers (Photography, Hair Stylist, Makeup, Venue)

Are images watermarked?

We take pride in putting our name to an image. This is a sign of our quality and brand value

By default all our images will be watermarked with a small enVogue Image logo however should clients wish to receive images without a watermark, this can be supplied after payment is cleared by request. 

Do you shoot in a Studio?

With such beautiful backgrounds, from architecture, the natural green trees  to sunsets of South Africa, we choose to shoot at a venue chosen by you so that we can achieve a diversity of image backgrounds. However if you would like to have a studio shoot, this can be easily arranged for you.

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