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What is the difference between a Basic edit vs a Professional (Pro) edit?

A Basic Edit:  

A “Basic Edit” includes global image adjustments such as:

  • Straightening & alignment of image

  • Exposure, Contrast for corrections

  • Colour Grading (Some call this a "Preset" edit)

A Professional  Edit

Includes a “Basic Edit” plus detailed portrait retouching to polish the image.

This includes skin retouching, enhancement of features and polishing.

  • Healing to remove blemishes

  • Eye Enhancement

  • Dodge & Burn to enhance facial features

  • Reduction of Fly away Hair where reasonably possible

  • Frequency Separation for skin work with skin detail

  • Colour Grading

Click on the slider to preview the difference...

Fly away hair is removed where possible

Blemishes, Spots are removed

Eyes and lashes enhanced

Skin Work:

  • Frequency Sep

  • Blending Skin Tones

  • Detail skin pores showing

Enhanced Jewellery


Enhanced Facial Features

Outfits are enhanced 

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