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Speaking out about the Language of Fashion ...

Updated: Jun 10, 2021

Johannesburg, SOUTH AFRICA, April 7, 2020 - enVogue Image

It is always great to get to know each other better, for it is in connecting with each other that we can unlock value and contribute to the growth of our society. We are so proud to share a little more about this South African "Style Icon" who we recently had on set at the trendy Aurum Restaurant based in the tallest building in Africa, the Leonardo. Let us share some of the sparkle about this Style Icon with you...

Meet "Christella Sotirhos"

A Woman..

An Artist...

A Linguist...

A Style Icon...

An ultimate C R E A T O R...

What does she do?

She is a talented artist who has mastered how to translate a compelling vision of style into a creation that invokes intense emotion. This is what defines this professional stylist who we call Stella.

Her love for fashion stems back to her childhood days when she accompanied her Dad to help run a clothing factory. I am visualizing something like Ridge Forrester in a scene from the Bold and Beautiful canvassing a fashion catalog to Stella.

Now lead that vision to an internationally renowned fashion school called Villioti Fashion Institute based in Hyde Park Johannesburg which is where Stella graduated with a Bachelors degree in Fashion.

And if we meet Stella, what should we have known about?

She successfully led a team that designed a world-class garment for a collection that was produced & showcased at the Mercedes Benz South African Fashion Week. This talented beauty also participated in the Miss Hellene 2018-2020 contest and found herself enjoying not only the charity initiatives and fashion, but also being a model. Through these appearances, she was approached by Chrome models which resulted in her starring in her first TV commercial.

So our tip to you is to talk about anything related to fashion, modelling and style.

It is her true personal passion and it unfolds her charismatic affair with style.

So lets get a little more personal... She reveals some of her authentic self

Known as the extrovert, always outgoing and sharing a giggle is how we all know her but her true "home" is a reserved quiet place where she can channel her creativity. She is somewhat protected so earn your trust with her and it will yield great dividends.

Is she passionate about anything else?

Yes! It does not stop there.. She is totally passionate about animal welfare. She has two adorable puppies at home, Koukla and Rocky. Both are schnauzers and they truly come first before anyone else. She learnt what unconditional love is because of these two. Any cause around animal welfare is a labour of love which has deep roots to her being.

Youth projects to empower young women are crucial to our society. It is by us coming together as humans that we will get equality where it should be. So if you know of any related causes or initiatives, do let her know.

And she loves great food so cooking is a natural talent for her. She can cook up a storm and her plating skills have stellar style too...

A few non-negotiables for her:

1. Always have great wine at home. She loves her Cab Sav the most!

2. Feta Cheese goes with everything - its not a debate..

3. Be kind & caring to all (and have some style about it too)

Some parting insight ...

You would have noticed by now that it is the simple things in life which make her smile the most ... Things that money can not buy... Some examples of these could be appreciating a full moon lit sky.

Or moments that matter like laughing so hard that it hurts. (usually as a result of her home pranks) Capturing the glorious promise of a sunrise or sunset that loyally always comes back to travelling to a new country or city to make us appreciate how fortunate we are.

Life is truly extra-ordinary when you stop to appreciate it all in. So stop, take that deep breath and make time to enjoy the gifts around us. She reminds us to be known for our kindness and grace for it starts with us.

Now link these values to fashion and you would understand why Stella aspires to make you and I feel noticed... feel beautiful again; regardless of who we are or where we from or what we look like. Profound isn't it?

"Stella Styles" - making us feel alive through fashion.

Connect with Stella Styles

Instagram Stella Styles here

Website: Stella Styles here

Connect with Stella

Instagram Profile here

Facebook Profile here



About "enVogue Image":

A photography brand all about ELEGANCE * STYLE * SOPHISTICATION which started from a love for people, photography and fashion. ​A Johannesburg based service launched in May 2018. Known to incorporate the South Africa's gorgeous surrounds and architecture in editorial style portraiture.

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