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Freelance Photographic Models - What goes behind preparing for a shoot?

Updated: Apr 7, 2020

So you have just booked a shoot date with a photographer.. What next?

Its simple.. C-PCI... Just remember " C-PCI "

Continuous Planning

Continuous Communication

Continuous Ideas

Here is a simple checklist to help you..

1. Be sure that you understand the terms and conditions of your Booking. Know exactly what is the terms around your booking fee, deposits and agreement. This will avoid issues later should you need to postpone, cancel or change a venue. Understand what images you will get, by when, in what format and to what level it will be edited. (Light touch ups are very different to a retoucher who edits in photoshop).

2. Secure your idea shoot venue. This is critical as it sets the theme for your shoot and impacts the success of your theme. Only after this is done, start considering your outfit options. We recommend you have written permission to shoot at the venue as staff do change at venues so prevent any undue frustration as you get closer to the shoot date.

4. Book your 1st choice glam team! Photographers usually need 2 months in advance so the same applies here. Remember the secure your bookings for:

- Makeup Artist

- Hair Stylist

- Stylist or dress designer

- Nail Appointment

- Tanning

If you want the best, book in advance.

3. Brainstorm ideas of what your outfits options are. Share photos of yourself in these outfits so that you and the team (Photographer, Makeup Artist, Stylist, etc) are brainstorming ideas together. Share example photos to each other so that everyone aligns on the vision. Share thoughts about what you like or may not really like about photos out there. Keep the inspiration going. A great lookbook of ideas really helps all to align closer to your vision as you get closer to the date. The poses in the ultimate lookbook can also be useful to you while you mentally prepare for the shoot.

4. Once your outfits options are set, agree on the sequencing of outfits. Which outfit should you start with and what follows thereafter. This helps with time management and to ensure you get the shots with the prioritized outfits. Always plan for more outfits then planned as accidents do happen.

5. Ask questions about the venue and logistics so that you can appropriately accessorize..

- Is there a provision for a change room?

- - Mirror

- - Scissor for any loose hanging stitches on your outfit

- - A little stitching kit or safety pins should clothing need first aid

- - Ability to change on the go

- - Ability to lock your possessions while you shooting

- - Keep your accessories in sets with your outfits so they easy to find (Earrings, Bangles, Hair Accessories, Rings, etc)

- How far is shoot locations from each other at the site?

- - A drag on bag which has wheels

- - Comfortable walking shoes between shoot sites

- - an Umbrella should there be rain

- Outfit related?

- Co-ordinate colours with underwear to Outfit

- Be careful not to get your outfits creased while travelling - Hanged is better then packed

- Some useful things to carry?

- - Lint and dust remove (to remove any dust, pet hair, scuffs etc)

- - First Aid kit (not only for bruises but if its cold and you need to cover stuff)

- - Makeup remover (Just in case you need to change looks)

- - Spare Eye lashes and the glue that goes with it

- - Should your eyes start watering - carry tissues and eye medicine to keep them sparkly white

- - Body Lotion

- - Water to stay Hydrated

About "enVogue Image":

A photography brand all about ELEGANCE * STYLE * SOPHISTICATION which started from a love for people, photography and fashion. ​A Johannesburg based service launched in May 2018. Known to incorporate the South Africa's gorgeous surrounds and architecture in editorial style portraiture.

Anything you think we missed or could add to this list? Comment below...

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