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Photoshoot Jargon & Acronyms

Updated: Apr 7, 2020

What do all these these crazy words and abbreviations mean?

Tog: Photographer

Body: Refers to the camera without the lens i.e. Camera Body

Bokeh: This is when the lights in the background of the image look blurred. Its a thing photographers love to achieve using a style of shooting

Gobo – means the blocking of unnecessary light from falling on the subject. Often a black reflector can serve a double purpose and act like a gobo.

Scrim – Referred to a device that is used as a large light blocking screen. It softens and dispels light and is often used on a movie set. Sometimes they could be used to create a shadow too.

Nifty 50 - A lens with a fixed focal length of 50mm. Quite commonly used because this lens is known to create magic photos and is commonly used amongst togs.

High-Key/ Low-Key - This slang is used when the background on the photo is either completely white or completely black. This technique is used for photos with silhouettes. The background can also be used completely black.

DOF: Means the boundaries of perception of the sharpness of the image. High depth of field image shave a creamy like background. This is not easy to achieve with basic gear and dark lighting. It is also what is used to create the Bokeh effect.

SOOC: This refers to an image which is " Straight out of camera" and is thus not edited

PSD: High resolution Photoshop File which has all the steps taken to edit the image. These could be as large as 2gb an image. A photographer does not usually share this format of file.

Golden Hour - A time before sunset or after sunset when the sky look golden. It is an hour to capture insanely well lit images without harsh shadows & a yellow glow because of the natural light.

Catchlights - bright white spots on the eyes iris which is caused by the reflection of light. Usually seen as a square or the shape of the softbox light used. Some ring lights are also quite popular for this effect.

Spray and Pray: When a Tog shoots many photos as opposed to one calculated shot. The term refers to shooting many shots and hoping one or two will turn our decent. Most wildlife is shot this way.

TFCD: This is an outdated term used between models and photographers to facilitate a trade exchange - TFCD stands for "Time For CD" which really means that the Photographer, Model, Makeup Artist, Stylist all give their time in exchange for a CD with images/photos. Its a collaboration bringing skills together to produce work which all participating parties can use in their portfolios without paying each other for it.

Do you know of any others? Please comment below and we will add them..

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